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Autumn 2013  

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Put your trust in us

If you're like us, the transition from summer to fall is bittersweet. While we're hesitant to put away beach bags and flip flops, the start of
school brings a palpable excitement of new beginnings. As sunlit days are replaced by cool nights, families come home in a multitude of ways. Nesting instincts take over. Coziness settles in.

Peace of mind is an important part of comfort at home — and that's what we are really all about. We understand security is both technical and emotional. In addressing your needs, we strive to accomplish what you want; but we are also sensitive to what you don't want. We know that coordinated technology and engineered systems are of little reassurance if customers don't understand how
to use them. We know that confidence can be compromised by nonproductive or frustrating interactions. We know this, and we work
to avoid these pitfalls. It's why we match sophisticated systems with personalized service and dedication to old-fashioned values.

If you call us, we'll pick up the phone. If you have a question, we'll find an answer. If you want to talk, we'll listen. If you have an idea, we'll work with you to realize it. Talk to us about how you want your home environment to feel and how you want your security system to work for you. When you open your door, Scarsdale Security will be there to welcome you home.

We'd love to hear from you. Send questions, comments and suggestions to:
- Traci Dutton Ludwig, editor

What's new?

Affordable packages make security a steal

Who's watching your summer house or vacation property during the
off season? Who's overseeing your garaged boat? Is your city apartment secure while you're not there?

As the seasons change, so do security needs. Snow birds take flight, and summer homes are put to sleep. Doors close on storage facilities and studio apartments. Now is the time to install security systems to guard unoccupied spaces during your absence.

Because we service clients in 50 states and some foreign countries, we can probably accommodate your secondary property - regardless of the location. With Scarsdale Security, you can be certain that wherever you are, we will be there for you.

 Our Safe Connect security packages have never been so affordable. Introductory packages include one wireless control panel, one
standby battery, one keypad, one remote control fob with a panic alert, one sounder, two door or window sensors, one pet-safe motion sensor, one lawn sign and warning stickers.

 The installation of our network-based Safe Connect systems starts
at $99, with monthly monitoring as low as $26.95. That's a monthly charge of less than one dollar per day - for priceless peace of mind.

Of course, additional equipment - including fire and carbon monoxide detectors, cellular radio backup, remote access cameras and remote control devices for lights, doors and thermostats - can be added according to your needs. Ask about our competitive pricing on these items.    

Sign language
Yard signs are for your benefit

Your Scarsdale Security lawn sign is an essential component of your security. The bold red sign is the first line of defense against possible intruders. Burglars don't want to get caught; so they tend to avoid houses with obvious, active alarm systems. Our bright red logo and stop sign shape literally halts potential intruders in their tracks, making them think twice before targeting your home.  

For added protection, our lawn signs also feature your house address in reflective numbers. This is important. In the event of an emergency, those numbers will help police, fire and ambulance personnel locate your address. Our signs literally help bring emergency services to
your aid.

If you have ever attempted to find an unfamiliar address in the dark, you know the difficulty of locating and deciphering house numbers at night. However, the uniformity, clarity and reflectivity of our signs counter this challenge. Our signs are a practical and thoughtful feature -- from us to you.

Because of the importance of your lawn sign, make sure it is prominently displayed at the edge of your driveway, near a walkway or next to your front postlight. Landscaping plants, flowers and grass should be trimmed to prevent encroaching vegetation, which could obscure the sign. The sign should be the first thing people see when searching for your address.

If you have any questions about your lawn sign, please contact our alarm center at (914)722-2200.

Safe and Secure
Fall safety tips
Make safety checks a regular aspect of fall cleanup. Evaluate the safety of your outdoor spaces, the visibility of your street address and the accessibility of your property by following these tips:

Bushes and landscaping: Make sure bushes and hedges are neatly trimmed, especially in areas close to the house or near pathways. Overgrown shrubbery not only attracts unwanted wildlife and rodents; 
it may also attract unwanted intruders. Large bushes create hiding spots for trespassers and burglars. They can veil criminal attempts to break into houses. Don't make your house an easy target for potential intruders.

Paths and walkways: In the event of an emergency, first responders should be able to access your home quickly and easily. So, you need to clear the way! In addition to trimming hedges and edging lawns, make sure all pathway surfaces are well maintained to reduce the risk of falls. Concrete and stone walkways should be smooth and flat. Remove weeds and moss to eliminate the possibility of slipperiness. Vinegar is a natural weed killer, and power-washing effectively removes moss. Consult a mason if paving stones have shifted, loosened or cracked. Address problems now -- before they
are exacerbated by freezing temperatures.  

Garages and sheds: Examine sheds and garages for structural integrity and perform weatherproofing maintenance. Patch exterior holes that could provide entry for animals, rain or snow. Thoroughly clean garages and sheds to remove any perishable matter, combustible chemicals or debris. Leave interiors clean, dry and adequately ventilated. Careful housekeeping reduces fire risk and deters nesting animals. To safeguard expensive tools, equipment, outdoor furniture, bikes and automotive parts, evaluate door and gate locks, install motion-activated light fixtures and speak with us about monitored alarms and surveillance cameras with "night vision."

Lighting: Outdoor lighting is not a luxury. As a feature of well- appointed homes, lighting enhances safety and security. Well-lit properties mean less potential trip-and-fall hazards and fewer opportunities for burglars to operate in the stealth of night. Motion-activated light fixtures, on/off timers and light sensors are effective options to ensure adequate lighting any time of day. Entranceways, sliding glass doors, porches, decks, patios, walkways and garages benefit from a combination of focused functional lighting and perimeter flood lighting. Consult an expert for more information.

Signs: Make sure your Scarsdale Security lawn sign is an immediate feature of your property. It should be firmly anchored in the ground and free from landscaping overgrowth. Continue to check your sign's stability and visibilty, particularly following leaf and snow removal. 

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• What's new? $99 packages
• Yard signs...better than a GPS
• Don't ignore fall cleanup
• Online billing/customer care made easy
• Mailbox: Letter from Frank Baker
• Be smart about smoke alarms

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Letter from Frank Baker, VP
National Account Sales

Dear Friends:

You already know we pride ourselves on responsive service and customer relationships that don't end once the contract is signed. Many of you have expressed appreciation of our hands-on philosophy and strong community connections. But did you also know that this same level of attention and excellent customer care extends beyond our regional geographic area?

Over the past 30 years, our customer base has grown to include municipal organizations, airports, numerous schools and large national retailers.These include Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Nautica, Northface, Perfumania, Burberry, Under Armour, Michael Kors and Beall's department stores. Our national retail presence means you can find Scarsdale Security in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. So, wherever you find yourself in North America, we are in your corner.

Since our growth has been a natural progression, we have managed to unite our blossoming size and our commitment to high-level personalized service. In this way, we can be as large as our growth enables and as small as the hundreds of person-to-person conversations and appointments that we engage in every day.

We know our attitude and practice have become rare with large companies these days. In a similar way, we know other companies have not met their clients' expectations. But that's even more reason to hold true to our ideals. We have never forgotten that you - our customer - are our reason for being.

Here, at Scarsdale Security, we know it can take months to win your confidence, and only seconds to lose it. Excellent customer service is the culture we foster every day. We want to be the company that exceeds your expectations.

-- Frank Baker,
Vice  President, National Account Sales

October is ...
Fire prevention month 

Be smart about fire alarms. 

Now is the time to:

  1. 1. Test your existing smoke detectors, using the test button, and make sure everyone in your home knows their sound.
  2. 2. Clean smoke detectors with a vacuum cleaner attachment to get rid of any accumulated dust.
  3. 3. Change batteries in battery-operated devices.
  4. 4. Review your fire detection system against the latest standards and options. 

Did you know that smart smoke detector placement requires smoke detectors in every bedroom and at the top of each stairwell?

Did you know that Interconnected smoke alarms provide better protection than individual devices?  When one alarm sounds, they all do.

Additionally, did you know that systems monitored by a central station, such as Scarsdale Security, provide the best protection?

For further information about smart smoke alarm placement, CLICK HERE.

Or visit the National Fire Protection Association at:  

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