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Vacation tips from Scarsdale Security
Keep safety at home — while you're away

Criminals don't take vacations — But they know you do! Burglaries increase during summer months because people are traveling and houses are unoccupied. Burglars look for houses where the homeowners are away since these houses may afford more time to commit a theft, with less chance of being caught.

Protect your house while you're on vacation:

Suspend mail and deliveries
When mail, newspapers and packages pile up at the front door or in
the mailbox, it is a glaring sign that the homeowners are away. Instead, ask the post office to temporarily hold your mail, or arrange for a friend or neighbor to pick up postal and other deliveries on a regular basis. Newspaper deliveries can also be suspended.

Make your house look occupied
Deter vacation burglars by making your house look occupied. Burglars typically scout houses to determine homeowners' patterns before they strike. For this reason, you should make your house appear occupied even when it is not. Put your lights and televisions on timers; hire someone to mow your lawn; and ask a friend to move your car and adjust your blinds to give the appearance of a lived-in house.

Be cautious with social media 
If you use social media to announce your vacation plans, you might be announcing it to more than just your friends. Criminals lurk on social media for information about when homeowners will be away. Avoid Facebook and Twitter posts such as, "I'll be in Mexico from July 15-30." Instead, share this information privately with family and friends. If you want to share vacation photos online, post them only after you've returned from your trip.

Remotely monitor your home with Scarsdale Security
The modern technology of today's latest security systems enables you to keep an eye on your house and property from anywhere in the world. An updated Smart system allows you to receive important status updates and security notifications on computers, tablets and smart phones. Our Smart security systems can be set to alert you every time
a sensor is triggered and your alarm goes off. This immediate notification allows you to act right away. Of course, we will still dispatch appropriate authorities, as per our protocol. If you have surveillance cameras attached to your system, you will be able to view live video from these cameras through any Internet-connected device. Our Smart technology makes it easy for you to know what is happening in your home, no matter if you are next door or traveling in the next continent! Our expertise in the latest technology not only keeps your home, family and property safe and secure; it lets you check in remotely, from anywhere in the world.

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Put your trust in us 

With summer upon us, kids are out of school; daily schedules are relaxed; and travel plans are on everyone's mind. Savor the freedom of summer without worrying about what may be going on at home. At Scarsdale Security, we want you to enjoy summer fun and return to the same Home Sweet Home you left before adventure carried you on your Bon Voyage!

We are experts in security for the real world. For more than 30 years, we have been living and working in your communities. By listening to your needs and responding to the changing environment, Scarsdale Security Systems has become the premier security boutique for protecting homes, second homes, schools, retail stores and businesses.

We know that one size does not always fit all. We know that life often changes — and so do your needs. We embrace adaptation and growth — just like you do.

Call today to discuss new options in customizing your security system, surveillance cameras, fire detection system, environmental monitoring devices and home automation apps to satisfy your current needs whether you are home or away. At Scarsdale Security, no one is more important than you.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood!
– Traci Dutton Ludwig, editor 

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