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Summer 2013  

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What's new?

Remote access, home automation. At your fingertips!
How cool is that? 

The future has arrived! Home automation is now available through the touch of a button. Talk to us about new Z-Wave technology and Virtual Keypad Apps that allow you to remotely control a variety of devices in your home or small business through your smart phone or tablet.

Popular Z-Wave devices include:

  1. * Lights and Appliances: Just plug-in the Z-Wave device, then plug in a light or appliance. Turn lights on/off, or dim them.
    Works with incandescent and fluorescent lights.
  2. Door Locks: Keyless Entry Door locks are available in Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze.
  3. Thermostats: A Z-Wave thermostat installs just like a standard thermostat. It provides full remote control over temperature and fan settings.
  4. Garage Door Controller: Our garage door controller is compatible with virtually any automatic garage door opener. Installers only have to 'pair' the unit into the gateway of the current garage door opener to provide simple wireless control.

Mobile users can take remote control of their Z-Wave devices via a cell phone or other mobile device by using either of our two remote platforms: MyAccess and the Virtual Keypad. MyAccess makes it possible to send commands and receive alerts from any text-capable phone. There's nothing to download or set up. Using MyAccess is a simple as texting the message "Lock Front Door." System alarms and alerts are also received via text message.

The Virtual Keypad App is downloaded to a smart phone or mobile device. It provides all the functions of the security system keypad right on the mobile device. Users touch the buttons on a crisp, visually pleasing display to control any of their connected Z-Wave devices. Users can also use any of the standard alarm system functions. The
App even features the user's local temperature, based on zip code, on its main screen - a nice convenience, especially for users with remote control Z-Wave thermostats.

Tips from Scarsdale Security! 
Minimize false alarms

If you accidentally set off your alarm, let us know immediately by calling 914-722-2222. You will be asked to provide your "code word" to verify your identity; so be ready with that information.

Make sure all alarm users and key-holders are trained to use your security system. They should know the keypad codes to arm and
disarm the system and how to cancel a false alarm.

Don't leave pets or free-moving objects in a room protected by a
motion detector. Such objects may include plants, displays, balloons, drapes and blinds. Make sure there are no drafts in the room that
could move items in these areas.

Set entry and exit door alarms to a 30- to 40-second delay before activation. This will give you enough time to open your door, get inside and disarm the security system before a false alarm occurs.

Doors and windows are tight fitting. Adjust hinges and strike plates so the door moves only ¼ inch when pulled or pushed.

Lock all protected doors and windows. Do not leave doors and windows open or unlocked while you are away. Be sure all doors and
windows are properly closed and locked prior to arming the alarm system.

Inspect motion detectors, door and window contacts, alarm screens
or any other alarm components for dust, spider webs, moisture or anything else that might interfere with proper operation. If you need assistance with this, you may request a service call.[1] 

Make sure we have more than one phone number for you on file - so
we can always reach you or one of your designated representatives.

Unless you know the cause of the false alarm, please call us at
914-722-2222 to determine the cause of the false alarm.You may continue to have false alarms until the underlying problem is addressed.

Alarm system equipment should be routinely inspected and
maintained to keep it in best working order.

[1] Normal service call rates may apply.

In This Issue

• New Apps for a smart house
• No more false alarms
• Online billing & customer care

Put your trust in us

Happy Memorial Day from Scarsdale Security Systems!
We hope you are able to relax with family and friends over this long holiday weekend.  

As your security system provider,
we hope to make the warm-weather season even more enjoyable -- with the knowledge that your family, home and belongings are secure.

If you're interested in reviewing your system, optimizing features to best suit your changing needs or
learning about the latest technology in Apps and cameras, please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to
seeing you in the neighborhood!

— Traci Dutton Ludwig, editor

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