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With VideoVerify the proof is in the picture

video verifyFor home, business, school, country club or any location where added security is needed, knowing that someone is there is an essential part of monitoring your building and grounds. The VideoVerify system, only from Scarsdale , provides that answer to you and responding agencies like police, guards, emergency personnel or others.

You and your staff will know the exact nature of the emergency as it's happening. Was it an accident, an intruder, a fire or another threat? On your behalf, we'll be able to see exactly what's happening and verify the alarm. Emergency response teams will know exactly what, or who, to expect when they arrive.

Get a good look with Video Verify

Call Scarsdale at 914-722-2200 to know exactly what's happening at your home or business..


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Get a good look at your security
with VideoVerify technology from Scarsdale. Using Video Verify, our dispatchers can make sure emergency responders know the nature of the emergency and what to expect when they get there.








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