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Mailing Address

Scarsdale Security Systems  
132 Montgomery Avenue
Scarsdale New York 10583
Phone (914) 722-2200

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Center

Call (914) 722-2200
Alarm Center Manager: Everrod Bennett, (914) 722-2200,


For an appointment or quotation, please email

National Accounts

Frank Baker (914) 722-2280,
Jim Mahoney (914) 722-2926,

Residential and Business Service (Northeastern Region: NY, NJ, CT)

Customer Care: (914) 722-2308,

Residential and Business New Installation and Conversion Services

Northeastern Region: NY, NJ, CT
Call (914) 722-2379,  
Manager: Vinny Vretenicic (914) 722-2311,

Tech Service or Installation, National Accounts, Nationwide:

Call (914) 722-2933 or
Manager: Raleigh Jackson (914) 722-2909,   

Remote Observation Center (ROC),  Nationwide

Call (914) 722-2255,

Web AccessWeb Access

Watch a Video Tutorial on our convenient Web Access Tool.
Email us here with any questions or concerns about the Scarsdale Web Access service.

Refer a Friend

Learn about our latest referral offers by call Scarsdale Sales at (914) 722-2321.

Customer Services

Call 914-722-2200 or choose from the following:

New Services and Conversions, Sales and Contract Support

To be directed to your Account Executive, call Susan Niles, (914) 722-2321

Customer Care: Billing, Supplier & Customer Accounting

Call: Melinda Myers, Billing and Accounts Receivable (914) 722-2272 FAX: (914) 722-7272
Manager: Melissa DiPalma (914) 722-2303
Fax: (914) 722-7203

National Sub-Contractor Relations and  Insurance Certificates:

Call: Katie Koshak (914) 722-2286 
Fax: (914) 722-7286

Update Your Account

To update your account information, fax or email the change with an approved name, signature and passcode. If you prefer, we can send you a convenient change form. For more help, call 914-722-2200, Fax (914) 722-2299, or email, Mail to Scarsdale Security, 132 Montgomery Avenue, Scarsdale, NY 10583, ATTN: CENTRAL STATION.

Vendor Invoices, Statements and Payment Inquiries   
Fax: (914) 722-7261 or Call: (914) 722-2261. Manager: Melissa DiPalma.

Payment Address

Scarsdale Security Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 821320, Philadelphia, PA 19182-1320. This goes directly to the bank, only send payments here.

State License Information

Here is a partial list of our primary state information.  For regional details or additional state information email 

  AL: 10-916   IN: 10V119   NY: 12000040723
  AZ: 100348   KY: 322906   OK: 1804
  CA: ACO 7146   NE: 024-010948376   PA: 84879970
  CO: 1014746   MD:107-1401   TX Alarm: 521137
  CT: 827890   NC: 1227-CSA   TX Fire: B13935
  DE: 2006601076   NJ Alarm: 34BA00128800   VA: 116427
  FL:EF0000430   NJ: Fire: 34FA00102400   WA: A12 1653 13
  GA: LVU403598   NM: 536