Scarsdale Security

Scarsdale Security Survey

Print out this page, then call 914-722-2200 to review your home or business protecton with one of our security specialists. You'll know, line by line, how to secure your home and property, or your business and employees with state of the art products and services from Scarsdale. Please let us know if you have any specific security concerns that may not be on this list.

  Checklist     Current   Suggest   Action
  Parking Areas, Driveways     list      
  Side Areas     list      
  Back Areas     list      
  Fences and Gates     list      
  Lighting     list      
  Bushes, Trees, Shrubs     list      
  Address Number     list      
  Outbuildings     list      
  Pool (Home) or Storage (Business     list      
  Outside Doors     list      
  FIrst Floor Windows     list      
  Second Floor Windows     list      
  Roof Access     list      
  Basement Doors and Windows     list      
  Window Breakage     list      
  Inside     list      
  Inside Doors     list      
  Stairs, Hallways, Traffic Paterns     list      
  Smoke Detection     list      
  Heat Detection (Attic and Equipment Areas)     list      
  Carbon Monoxide     list      
  Standing Water     list      
  Interior Motion     list      
  Important Documents and Valuable Items     list